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If you only read one post, make it this one

If you only read one blog post of ours, I hope it’s this one.
This article was recently posted by the people at Dodo, and before you read what we think, please take a look:

I know, it’s hard to look at. That dog had absolutely no idea it was taking its last walk ever. His crime? Being born.  His punishment? Death. That dog did absolutely nothing to deserve the fate that he received; yet it’s a fate 1.2 million dogs succumb to each year in the United States.

If I could, and I know so many of you agree, I would save every dog on the planet from this fate, but that’s not possible (for fiscal, time, and space reasons). The one thing we can do is donate 10% of our proceeds (and often more) to animal rescues that share the same passion as we do, and are committed to rescuing animals from the fate that the poor dog in that article succumbed to.

Each time you shop with us, you're directly helping save a rescue animal. You're allowing us to provide funds for food, medical, enrichment, and other expenses the rescues are require in order to operate. You are helping us save lives.

So thank you. Thank you for shopping with us. Thank you for helping us provide rescues with the resources they require to continue operating. We know you have plenty of options, plenty of places where you could spend your hard earned money on the clothes you want. From us and the animals, thank you for choosing us.

All my love,
Kate, C.E.O.

P.S. - Picture is courtesy of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance. It is a before and after of one of the horses in their care - when you shop with us, THAT'S who you're helping us help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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